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Welcome to Kingdom Kreations.

Kingdom Kreations Communications Academy believes that anyone can possess the natural ability to communicate. We begin from the very instant we enter this world, and we never stop learning until our last breath. 

The Art of communicating can be tricky and can sometimes lead to misinterpretations, misunderstanding and conflict. With some language skills, flair, mindset, and social-emotional intelligence, Kingdom Kreations Communications Academy is dedicated to unleashing the best skill you can garner for the rest of your lives; effective communication.

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Kids Classes

The art of


Storytelling is one of the most crucial skills ANYONE could learn. Whether to relay an experience, to sell a product or to give a presentation, the art of storytelling is an essential skill that establishes whether or not you can connect with the people around you. 

Learning the Art of Storytelling will help children with their delivery when writing or speaking. 

Before you can learn the skills and tools to write or speak, learn the power of thought and mindset through this course.

The art of



Creative Writing exists not only for aspiring authors. For Primary and Secondary School Students, a heavy percentage relies on composition writing and comprehension. 

The Art of Creative writing helps children put their thoughts into words while doing so with technical skills as children explore idioms, similes, senses, metaphors,  adjectives, personification, and many more. 

With a unique element of social-emotional intelligence, this course will equip students with more depth and excitement in their writing.

The art of



Public Speaking caters not only for speaking to a large group of people. It can also refer to speaking to just one person. Basically, it is the art of speaking out loud.

While some children are shy and reserved by nature, it is no indication that they are weak in speaking. 

Learn the different techniques it takes to be an efficient speaker, such as body language, tone, connection and behavioural skills. 

The Art of Public Speaking is to give your stories life with flair.

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Want the whole enrichment package? Check this out.

Junior Bachelor of Arts

(Communication Skills)

Through 48 online lessons filled with exciting assignments and video tutorials and presentations, children will learn the basic skills needed to be effective communicators! Be certified Junior Bachelors after completing the course!